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375ml (half) bottle

Only available cellar door or via our website, this is a very special release of just 1,000 individually numbered bottles of  ‘late harvest’ sweet wine made from ‘nobly rotted’ Ortega grapes.

Due to limited stocks we are restricting orders to a maximum of 3 bottles per order.

Winemaker’s Tasting Notes

Clear, bright with a warm golden hue.

Honeyed floral and citrus notes.

Lighter than many traditional dessert wines, this golden wine offers a fresh uplifting and delicate sweetness with delicious rich honeyed floral and citrus flavours and a hint of spice.

Serving Suggestions

We highly recommend serving with cheese…it is absolutely delicious with soft blue cheeses such as ‘Brighton Blue’ (a medium strength, semi-soft cows milk cheese), also made locally in Sussex at High Weald Dairy. This combination would make a perfect after dinner or Christmas lunch time treat.

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This wine was produced using the same methods as the world’s greatest sweet wines from Sauternes and Tokaji through the use of ‘nobly rotten’ grapes (‘botrytis cinerea’). The autumn ripening conditions of 2014 had the rare combination of morning mists and sunny days in the vineyard that allowed our Ortega grapes to reach high sugar levels and develop noble rot. This fungus grows on the grapes in the damp mornings and the sunny afternoons encourage evaporation of the grape’s juices so concentrating its constituents. The grapes were then carefully hand selected, picked and gently pressed to extract the rich, sweet concentrated juice. Unfortunately, we only managed one pass of grape picking before the weather turned against us and we lost the rest of the crop. However, it’s such a treat to be able to produce this kind of wine in England, even if very occasionally, we think it worthwhile!

The fermentation was then stopped early to retain residual sugar of approximately 50g/L (this is the sugar that is left in the wine after the yeasts have stopped fermenting). Our dry wines by comparison are mainly fermented to dryness or below 6g/L residual sugar. Legally, ‘dry’ wines can have up to 9g/L and ‘sweet’ wines must have over 45g/L of residual sugar. Sauternes will generally have over 100g/L of residual sugar.

Wine Facts

Grape variety: 100% Ortega
Alcohol: 12%
Total Acidity: 6.0 g/l
Residual Sugar: 50.7 g/l
pH: 3.6


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