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Our wines have received some amazing reviews from journalists and wine bloggers for which we are truly grateful, we believe our wines are fantastic and it is fabulous to hear that others think so too.
24 hours in Brighton, these are the places you want to visit

With its fiercely independent spirit, buzzing foodie scene and an old-time English seaside charm, it’s easy to see why Brighton is one of the most popular day trips from London. Read more.
Wanderlust Chloe, September 2017

Albourne launches sparkling wine

Award-winning local wine producer Alison Nightingale of Albourne Estate has launched what will be the first of a range of elegant sparkling wines from the fledgling boutique vineyard. Read more.
Hurst Life, July 2017

Albourne Estate’s 2013 Blanc de Blancs unveiled this month

It’s been seven years in the making, the first sparkling wine to be launched by Alison Nightingale’s award winning boutique vineyard Albourne Estate overlooking the South Downs. Read more.
South Downs Food, June 2017

Wine notes

A Cheers for English quality. England is well known for making superb sparkling wines, and it has been showing off its best during English Wine Week.  Read more.
The District Post, June 2017

New range of sparkling wines

AWARD-winning wine maker Alison Nightingale has launched a range of sparkling wines from her vineyard. She planted the 30-acre vineyard at the Albourne Estate with 41,000 vines after leaving a high powered job in marketing to bring up her family. The new wine is the 2013 Blanc de Blancs, made with chardonnay white grapes and using the highest quality cuvée. Read more.
The Argus, June 2017

A visit to English Vineyard, Albourne Estate

One unusually bright and sunny Sunday in May, I went down to Sussex to visit Albourne Estate. Situated about an hour’s drive from London, the vineyards are in an idyllic setting amongst the green and rolling hills of southern England. Read more.
The Wine Sleuth, May 2017

Albourne Estate launches first sparkling wine

Award-winning Sussex wine producer Alison Nightingale of Albourne Estate has launched what will be the first of a range of elegant sparkling wines from the fledgling boutique vineyard. Read more.
Devour Sussex, May 2017

Sparkling Effort

The dominance of French Champagne is under threat – from south-east England. Read more.
FT.COM Wealth Magazine, December 2016


Matthew Jukes on Bacchus & Cellar Selection 2015

This is a rapier sharp, tangy, refreshing Bacchus with real flair and precision and the 2015 Cellar Selection (£14.95, same merchants) is wondrous wine with more depth, richness and creaminess, destined to be served with main course fish dishes. Read more.
Observer Food Magazine, 10 September 2016


David Williams on White Pinot Noir 2015

English winemakers seem to be making something of a speciality of making whites from the red pinot noir grape, and this is beautifully done, with just a hint of pink in the colour and notes of red fruit to go with the citrussy acidity and mouthfilling texture. Read more.
The Guardian, 18 September 2016


Racy Bacchus 2014

In Britain, the first crops of broad beans are as much a sign of spring as asparagus. Read more.
The Observer, 03 April 2016


What a curious wine this is.

It’s got that rosé charm, but with just that something extra. Another excellent wine from Albourne. Read more.
John Mobbs,

John Mobbs


Wine of the Month

Wine and travel writer Chris Boiling uncorks his new ‘Wine of the Month’ column at the opening of Hove’s new wine shop and deli, Fourth & Church. Read more.
Taste of Brighton, 04 November 2015


Five-star food deserves first-class tipples

Bacchus was not only the Roman God of Wine but it is also the name of a very useful white grape which, in the right hands, makes gloriously tangy, citrusy wines. Winemaker Alison Nightingale scooped a trophy at the UKVA Wine Competition for this epic version. Drink it with the Butter-roasted skate wing and watch it waltz through the caper and mussel ingredients with ease! Read more.
Daily Mail, Weekend, 17 October 2015


Accolade for fledgling vineyard

Alison Nightingale celebrates as her Albourne Estate’s wine is voted England’s best. Read more.
Simply Worthing, 14 October 2015


Village People

When Alison Nightingale and her husband Nick Cooper arrived in Hurstpierpoint 12 years ago, looking for a thriving village in which to bring up their young children, she could have scarcely imagined that she would end up helping to put Sussex wine on the map. Read more.
Hurst Life Magazine, September 2015

Hurst Life


The Wine A-Z

Another is the Albourne Estate Bacchus 2014 made by Alison Nightingale is deceptively light on the palate (it is 12 percent) and deliciously zingy without being overpowering. Read more.
Phil Dennett, Mid Sussex Times, 30 August 2015



From Albourne to Zarate

Three whites that I absolute love are: Albourne Estate’s white pinot noir 2013 (Sussex): King Fu Girl Riesling (Washington State) and Warwick Estate White Lady chardonnay 2011 (Stellenbosch South Africa). Read more.
Victoria Moore, The Daily Telegraph, 29 August 2015


I quit the rat race for a corking new career

When Alison Nightingale gave up a high-flying job to open a vineyard, she never dreamt she would win awards for her wines. Read more.
Carol Davis, Daily Express, 24 August 2015



English wine without bubbles

From Sussex – indeed the label gives the appellation as ‘Sussex, England’. This wine won a gold medal and two trophies at the English & Welsh Wine of the Year Competition 2015, sponsored by Waitrose, and it’s easy to see why. It’s light, crisp and very aromatic with strong hints of elderflower. It would be all too easy to mistake it for a Sauvignon Blanc on the nose. Read more.
Richard Hemming, Jancis Robinson, 21 August 2015



Best English Wine of the Year

Alison Nightingale of Albourne Estate has won the ‘best English wine of the year’ award, despite only being in the game for two years. Here she tells us why Bacchus is the best British grape. Plus: our tasting notes for her award winning bottle. Read more.
Olive On-line Magazine, 18 August 2015


Albourne vineyard awarded Wine of the Year trophy

Wine from an Albourne based vineyard has been voted the best in England, and has won a prestigious award. Alison Nightingale’s Albourne Estate scooped the accolade for her 2014 Bacchus in only her second year of wine production. Read more.
Mid Sussex Times, 20 August 2015



Vineyard has the best wine in England

A vineyard’s wine has been voted the best in England at a prestigious award ceremony. Alison Nightingale, of Albourne Estate, scooped the accolace for her 2014 white Bacchus in what is only her second year of wine production. Read more.
The Argus, 4 August 2015



I love Bacchus

I love Bacchus, it’s a grape that appears to grow exceptionally well here, and a varietal that typifies English still wines; crisp, aromatic and super fleshing. Read more.
John Mobbs, Founder of Great British Wine, 14 August 2015



Local wine releases second vintage

Next time you are choosing a wine, why not select one produced virtually on your doorstep? Five years after leaving a career in marketing to fulfil her dream of launching a vineyard, local entrepreneur Alison Nightingale has released her second vintage and her latest batch of Albourne Estate wines are already winning awards and rave reviews in the media. Read more.
Hurst Life, 4 July 2015



Knackered mother’s wine club

English wine is on a roll. Albourne Estate near Brighton is run by fellow knackered mother, Alison Nightingale. Her wines stand out because of their crips, pure flavours. Read more
Helen McGinn, FemailMagazine, 18 June 2015


Cherry Drinks

I adore Albourne Estate’s commitment to the environment. Many producers will proudly tell you of their practices and create marketing material around these, but I really feel that Albourne Estate genuinely care and put so much heartfelt passion into everything they do. Read More.
Cherry Drinks, International Wine Importer and Judge for the International Wine and Spirits Competition and the International Wine Challenge, 24 May 2015



Quick bites

As tried in the Olive test kitchen this month. Albourne Estate’s White Pinot Noir 2013, 11%, is beautifully rose gold in colour because it’s made from the red pinot noir grape, despite being a white wine. There’s a hint of fizz to it, strawberry overtones, and a clean finish.  Read more.
Olive Magazine, January 2015




Heard it through the grapevine

We are told never to mix wine and beer, but one couple in West Sussex is doing just that … with harmonious results. I arrive at the Albourne Estate in the midst of a minor emergency. A fox has been at the guinea pig hutch in the night and Alison Nightingale is clutching the pet while repairs are made. The challenges of running a successful vineyard are many, and especially so when it is also one’s home. Read more.
Sussex Life, November 2014



Which wines go well with seasonal food

At this time of the year the letter O in the wine alphabet can only stand for ‘O Come All Yea Faithful wine lovers’. Or maybe it might mean ‘Oh dear! What to have with the turkey?’  One of the wines I have tasted this year that would be a good match any time is one from just down the road at Albourne Estate, just off the A23 a few miles south of Burgess Hill. Read more.
Phil Dennett, Mid Sussex Times, 25 December 2014



Determined to show delights of UK wine

The owner of a vineyard near Hurstpierpoint is striving to win over drinkers to the delights of English Wine. But the country’s temperamental climate presents challenges for Albourne Estate. Read more.
Oli Gross, Mid Sussex Times, 23 October 2014



Wine producer toasts Indian Summer

An award-winning wine producer is raising a glass to the Indian summer. Albourne Estate vineyard owner Alison Nightingale believes the warm and dry weather will help produce an exceptional vintage this year – and win over more fans of English wine. Read more.
The Argus, 7 October 2014 



Not Bordeaux but Brighton

As English wine production enjoys a book, Juliet Morrison meets a mother-of-three who has founded a flourishing boutique vineyard. Opening a vineyard may sound like the ultimate retirement adventure or career switch, but it need not involve decamping to the slopes of Tuscany or investing in a chateau in Bordeaux. Read more.
Choice Magazine, January 2014